Welcome Back Dancers!

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We hope everyone had a great spring break and would like to welcome back all of our dancers and their families! We hope everyone is well rested and ready to contiune with classes. 🙂

Now that break is over, it is time to continue working on recital material. As we prepare for June, we hope that everyone has a great recital process!

Keep checking back for more recital information coming soon!


Recital Costume Money Due Soon!

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It’s that time of year again, Recital Season!

In preparation for this show, we have a few things to cross off our list. At the top of the list: Costumes. Our early incentive rate is coming to a close. From now until January 31st, 2018 early incentive rates for costumes will apply.

Do not panic! If the 31st is too soon, you have until February 15th to make the payment.

Not sure of prices? Click here >>>Recital Costume Price List<<<

Any additional questions give us a call at (609) 272-1088

We are looking forward to another great recital!


Daddy Daughter Dance Day

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The last week of classes before winter break was Daddy Daughter Dance Day. The whole week of December 18th-23rd students were welcome to bring their dad’s to participate in class. The week was packed with lots of learning and laughter!

We really enjoyed having the dads’ in class and would like to thank everyone who participated!!!

The students were excited to have their dad’s in class with them. Classes were filled with laughter as a few students watched their dad execute a step. Some students offered words of advice; executing and explaining the step, and were very encouraging.

The dads’ were attentive to learning steps and tried to execute them. There was much enthusiasm from all who participated and it created a fun environment for everyone in the room.

We cannot wait to get the dads back in the studio!!!                                                      ***Moms’ your turn will be coming soon!***

Here are a few photos from the week: